Formed from two professional fields of experience, (Graphic Design and Set Decoration), Proper. developed into a fully- formed shop and website following the success of a temporary Saturday shop specialising in mid-century furniture, in the East End of London.

Proper. is a neat summation of all things we sell in terms of quality; attention to detail, solid and interesting use of materials or perhaps a particular quirk of design. Where there is a designer’s mark we hope to provide you with a history and provenance.

Our interest in furniture and lighting transfers to sourcing for our interior design projects, which we offer as a service. Choice pieces are often used as a starting point for our interior design schemes for both residential and commercial projects.

We travel the UK and further afield to source items that are unusual and have longevity. We can also provide this as a service for those who are looking for something specific or simply don't have the time.

We hope you enjoy these pieces, as much as we have enjoyed finding them.